A matrix of 110 seemingly random characters forms the basis of every
QLOCKTWO®. Individual letters are highlighted to form words, which
describe time in five-minute intervals. Four dots lighting up in the
corners represent the minutes in between. QLOCKTWO® is available
in six models, and there is a range of different colours and materials.

The 45 × 45 cm QLOCKTWO® CLASSIC is mounted on the wall
like a picture, or it can be set up in freestanding position with the
acrylic glass base. QLOCKTWO® CLASSIC is available in more
than 20 languages.

QLOCKTWO® LARGE features an impressive front cover in a 90 × 90 cm
format and QLOCKTWO® 180 in a 180 × 180 cm XL-format. A timeless,
unmissable eye-catcher.

QLOCKTWO® TOUCH is milled from a single aluminium block and
has a very handy size with its dimensions of 13.5 × 13.5 cm.
The wristwatch QLOCKTWO® W displays the time at the push of
a button. Furthermore date and seconds are shown. Available in
the sizes 35 × 35 mm and 39 × 39 mm.


QLOCKTWO® makes you pause and look at time in a different way.
The typographic display combines the moment with the written word
and turns it into a statement